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January 22nd, 2010

The Little Black Dress (LBD) is the absolute most famous piece of clothing in any woman’s wardrobe. After searching for many bridesmaids dresses with my two best friends for their weddings, I decided that I would be choosing the LBD as my bridesmaids dresses. What else would be better than a knee length dress for a summer wedding? I do not want a black and white wedding, but I think with a simple LBD, there is so much you can do to make it fit in your wedding and then your bridesmaids really CAN wear the dresses again. They could wear that very same dress to a wedding the following weekend if they wanted.

For my wedding, I hope to find something that I can add in a splash of  Tiffany blue. I think a sash or ribbon around the waist could be just enough.  If that would not work with the dresses, something simple like a Tiffany blue ribbon around the stems of the bridesmaids’ bouquets would also incorporate the color. I mean, really, there are a ton of ways the wedding colors can be incorporated into a LBD bridal party. Jewelry, flowers and if I really wanted to get crazy, some Tiffany blue shoes would REALLY make a statement.  

What else is good about LBDs? You can usually find dresses that will fit any body type. Another option is that you could easily allow the bridesmaids to have different dresses. You might want to avoid having numerous types of fabric because the color will look much different on a silk dress than on a chiffon dress.

So here are some examples of dresses that I really like and think would be nice on any body type (Ladies in my bridal party, one of these could be your dress!). These ones are just a few by The Dessy Group. I love their dresses and most have very reasonable prices!


I’ve been busy…

January 18th, 2010

This past weekend I had to take some time off from imagining and dreaming about my own wedding. My friend, Jenn, is getting married at the end of February. So it was bridal shower time!!! Her sister and I share the maid of honor title, so we had planned a Mad Hatter Tea Party theme for her shower. Jenn’s mom started collecting tea pots from antique stores in November, which we ended up “raffling” off to the guests. We found lots of items to use for decorations like a glass chess board and picture frames with Queen of Hearts playing cards. We decided on using lots of bright colors. I found these really cute plum colored tea pots online which I was able to purchase wholesale at a discounted price. I had intentions of using these as the vases for the centerpieces. However, the night before the shower when putting together the multi-colored Gerbera daisy centerpieces, I found these were not going to work. The opening at the top was too wide and the tea pots were not  deep enough to make the flowers stand up the way they should. I found trumpeted, clear, glass vases to replace the tea pots. This ended up looking great! We also placed one of the antique teapots on each table. The favors were organza bags stuffed with 3 different flavors of tea. We placed “Drink Me” tags on each favor bag. Rather than having a cake, we chose cupcakes which were both chocolate and vanilla with vanilla icing and multi-colored sprinkles on each. The shower was at the Crowne Plaza on Fort Couch Road. They really were wonderful and the food was excellent. The staff was very attentive and even brought out a few different colored linens to help decorate the food table and the table where the bride, bridal party, and mothers were sitting. We asked each woman to wear their craziest hat. We had a great time and everyone really enjoyed dressing up with their funniest hat.

We are not big game people, so we chose just 2 games. We decided to break up the gift opening using the games so we wouldn’t lose people. We chose to ask Jenn questions about her groom to see how much she knew about him. With each incorrect answer, she had to chew a piece of Bubble Yum and keep adding with more incorrect answers. The other game we called the candy bar game. Each table had 30 seconds to look at a tray of candy bars and memorize them. They then had to write a story about Jenn and Brian using the names of each candy bar. Then once the gifts were opened and the stories were written, they read the stories out loud. It was very entertaining to hear what people had come up with.

The shower was a great success and everyone had a great time with it. And so did we. But we were also looking forward to the night following the shower. Since Jenn has some people from out of town in her wedding party, we had the bachelorette party the same night. We went to Seviche for a drink and then back to Station Square where we ended the night. We all stayed at the Sheraton in Station Square that night, so we were able to relax and not worry about how we were going to get home. I’ll leave the details to the people who were there. It was a ton of fun and I think Jenn enjoyed her “last” night out as an unmarried woman.


Good Morning!!

January 14th, 2010

Well, it is my second day of blogging. I am not going to pretend that I am a veteran at this whole blogging thing. I literally just started yesterday. That was my very first time blogging EVER! One of my best friends and bridesmaids, Jen McKen, is a photographer and gave me the idea to blog about my wedding planning process. Obviously, she is all about capturing the precious moments and is very good at it, might I add. So please bear with me through this process. I am learning how to use everything and I promise the posts will get better and more entertaining as I go along.

So, now that I am officially engaged, I can talk freely about my wedding planning rather than trying to be sly about it and sneaking peeks at wedding websites when Joe isn’t looking. He knows I have the wedding pretty much planned in my head. I told him that it was planned about 2 minutes after the ring was firmly planted on my finger. What is my vision you ask? Well, I am just so thrilled you asked! I would be happy to oblige! But I am warning you, this could be a long post!

I was never a person who wanted a church wedding. I did not grow up going to church. I have always pictured an outdoor ceremony with a beautiful archway covered in white flowers and vines with garden chairs and flower petals strewn across the aisle. This, I found out, was not the vision of my fiance. He is catholic and could never imagine not being married in a church. Now, could I have fought for what I wanted? Yes. Could I have won? Maybe. But that would mean that I would probably not be the right person for Joey. This is the one thing that really means a lot to him. Will I be just as happy marrying him in a church as I would outdoors? Absolutely. *Cheesy Alert* I just want to marry him. I could care less where. (Told you it was going to be cheesy!) Now, it is just a matter of finding a church with which we are both happy! The bridesmaids will wear the much loved Little Black Dress, knee-length and totally appropriate for use after the wedding. The accent color will be Tiffany blue, which could be potentially added to the dresses in the form of a sash around the waist or ribbon around the bouquets.

Now, since I am willing to compromise on the ceremony, he knows full well that I get whatever I want for the reception. Thankfully for him, I am not an over-the-top kind of gal. Of course if I had the means to be over-the-top, that might be another story. But we, like many other young couples in Pittsburgh, have a limit on the spending associated with our wedding. My goal is to create the elegant and trendy wedding of my dreams, but not break the bank.

Since the outdoor ceremony is out, the outdoor, tented reception is a good way to get my fix. Our wedding guest list is already pushing 230 and that is not counting anyone who we may have forgotten. We will want to rent a dance floor since we will be boogie-ing through the night to the DJ’s sick beats (I try to throw in some hip lingo whenever I can).

I prefer simpler centerpieces. Orchids are one of my favorites, so about 7-10 stems in a simple clear glass block vase would be perfect. Then, just a few candles surrounding the vase to add a little romantic ambience. Another favorite of mine are calla lillies, which I will be using in my bouquet and the bridesmaids bouquets. Again, simple is best for me. So just a few calla lillies in the bridesmaids bouquets, like 5 or 6. Colors for the flowers depend on how I am feeling the day I order them since Tiffany blue is not a typical flower color. I might feel like orange calla lillies to really pop against the dresses and green orchids to make a statement at the tables. We’ll see when the time comes.

As for my gown, I would like… Sorry Joey (yes, he is reading this), you’ll have to wait until the day of to find out what that looks like.


Hello world!

January 13th, 2010

Hi everyone! As an aspiring wedding coordinator and a MOH/bridesmaid in 3 weddings (1 past, 2 upcoming) within the last year, you can bet your buttons that I was excited when my boyfriend proposed on our 2 year anniversary.  Actually, it was just 4 days ago. If you know me, you know that I started planning the minute the ring was on my finger. Ok, so maybe it was before the ring was on my finger, but that is beside the point.  The proposal was romantic and… cold.

Both being from (him) or near (me) Pittsburgh, we decided it was about time to see the tree and ice skating rink PPG Place  for the first time. Christmas is one of my favorite times of year, so this did not seem odd that he wanted to take me here for our anniversary. Looking back, I should have seen right through his sneakiness, but luckily, I didn’t. I was excited to see all the displays. Of course, they were closed. We decided to just watch the ice skaters for a few minutes and then go to dinner early since the temperature was about 16 degrees that night. He asked how I liked the view. I loved it with all the glimmering lights and decorations. He said he was glad and was hoping I would. The next thing I knew, he was on one knee with a ring in hand asking if I would marry him. Well at least that is what he told me he said. I didn’t remember a word of it. All I heard was a girl in the background yelling, “Oh my god! Look! Look!” I just nodded since I couldn’t speak through the tears and hugged him with applause in the background. I know some ladies would prefer for the proposal to take place in a quiet and private place. Not me. I loved it! It was perfect. I am not a big fan of PDA, but there is just something about a man who isn’t afraid to profess his love in front of a crowd of strangers.

So, of course, the planning has already begun. We told our families and friends and changed our facebook statuses. You know it is official when the facebook status is changed. I will update often on my progress and with and tips and pointers I think of along the way. I hope you enjoy my blog!!