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What is in a name?

Part of starting a business is building a name for yourself. I recently started working with Carole and Debbie from The Brand Wagon to create a logo. This is not as simple as it sounds. You have to find the perfect words to describe your yourself and your business. Let me just tell you that working with Carole and Debbie was a cinch. I originally spoke with Carole and gave her an idea of what I had envisioned. Within a few days, they had the first round of proofs back to me! This had to be one of the most exciting things. I mean, my business is really coming to life. During this time, I had created an inspiration board (because that’s what I do!) of colors, designs and other logos I liked. I also threw in a few pictures of the type of events I want to coordinate. I sent this along with input on the first round. After a few more rounds, they had created the perfect logo. Something I felt really described me as a person and how I want my business to be portrayed. Keep your eyes peeled for the reveal of Nicki Ann Events. Updates coming soon!

Watch out wedding world, I’ll be a household name soon :)


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