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Friday Finds 3.4.11 (Late!)

Holy crap. I can’t believe I missed it! I know exactly why though. I had an extremely crazy end of last week and an even crazier weekend. Ok, excuses over. Here’s my most recent find for you. In my searches for good attendant gifts, I have found that finding a good gift for the groomsman can be tricky. Brides can get their bridesmaids jewelry, clutches, etc. Easy! But what in the world do you get the groomsman? I thought about just telling Joey he was on his own, but then I felt bad. I found this neat site that has a ton of good ideas. It’s called Groom Stand. They have a ton of different ideas for personalizing a great gift to your groomsman. And they are surprisingly reasonably priced! Oh and just a note, you don’t have to get all of the guys the same gift. You can change it up and get each one something that is suiting to their personality. Just as long as you keep all the gifts in the same price range, no one will feel shafted. Now get to shopping boys!


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