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Friday Finds 4.22.11

Since my bridal shower is just under a month away, I thought I would share this great little article from Martha Stewart Weddings. Have questions about who should host? Who should be invited? How much should your mother and FMIL be involved in planning? When should invites go out? This article addresses all of these things. If you are the MOH, this article is for you!

If you are floating around on the site, you might find this handy-dandy article that will help get your creative juices flowing on which activities to include. Just make sure your bride is the game playing type. I know there are many-a bride who greatly dislike the games played at showers. However, this slide show offers a ton of really cute ideas to get the guests involved without playing the same old, “How well do you know your future spouse?” bubble gum game.

And I just have to include these because they are oh-so-cute! See the How To.

Photo from Martha Stewart Weddings.


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