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Friday Finds 9.2.11

While browsing the many blogs I follow, I came across this adorable idea. I had to share it with you. 100 Layer Cake featured the wedding of Cameron & Josh recently on their blog. You can view their blog here which features the entire wedding, which is super cute by the way. However, I wanted to highlight the one portion of it.

“In memory of Cameron’s father, who passed away of lung cancer 5 years ago, the officiant suggested they make a pouch to hold their rings out of something that belonged to him. Cameron sewed the pouch you see above from one her father’s ties, and during the ceremony the pouch was passed among all of their guests so that each person could hold it to their hearts a give a blessing to the couple.

I just love the way they tied in the memory of Cameron’s father and made him such a special part of their day. Be sure to check out 100 Layer Cake’s blog frequently. They have some really amazing posts!!



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