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Pops of color

All white is not suiting for every bride. Well, for a LOT of brides. It completely washed me out. I am pale even when I go tanning. One good thing is that it is becoming much more popular to utilize color in wedding attire in many different ways.

One way that is largely popular (and also a personal favorite!) is colorful shoes. They can match your wedding color or just be your favorite. They can be as funky as you want or as simple. Here are a few favorites:

Kate Spade

Nina Forbes

 You can also keep your eyes out for my Tuesday Shoesday posts, in which I post my favorite for the week. I’m all about fun shoes for weddings if you can’t tell :)

Another way to embrace color on your wedding day would be in your jewelry. Nothing says unconventional bride like a pop of color around your neck!

Bel Monili 


You can sport a little color in your hair as well. Whether it’s a veil, fascinator, flower or headband, you can incorporate just the right amount of color to keep things interesting.

Sunshine and Carousels


Another option would be to carry a colorful clutch. After all, every girl needs a place to put her lip gloss and phone and I don’t recommend sticking it down the front of your gown… not very lady-like, is it now?



If none of those tickle your fancy, you can always add a belt to your gown. This is an option that allows you to stay traditional for the ceremony and then switch it up for the reception.



Now get out there and add some color to your look! Side note: With the exception of the shoes, I found everything on Etsy. If you click on the photos themselves, you will be taken directly to the page… just in case you want to buy :)


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