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Prim and proper

So you’ve just gotten engaged! Woo Hoo! You are super excited about the planning process. You have your plan of action and have made the appointments to go see numerous venues and meet with vendors to make your day perfect. After all, this is one of the most important days of your life. It has to be perfect.

I get it. I was there. I was obsessed with finding and making everything perfect and exactly how I pictured it. I went to a ton of different places to look at venues. I called and spoke to a LOT of other vendors on top of that. I made a lot of connections during that process. With some places or vendors I was just not impressed. Others I wanted more info. Then there were the few that I knew I couldn’t live without. Through the entire process, I always tried to be open and honest with the vendors. I expected the same from them.

So where am I going with this? Well, at some point, I had to talk to the vendors who I did not choose and explain why. Why didn’t I just not answer their phone calls or emails, you ask? Good question! I wanted to tell them thank you, but no thank you. Most vendors are going to follow-up with clients because they want to continue growing their business. Some are relentless. They will keep calling or emailing until they get a response. I did try it this way once or twice and was a little more than slightly annoyed. The best way to respectfully decline a vendor’s services is to answer their call. Or better yet, call them.

A wise man once said, “Sometimes just being polite is just rude.” There are people who don’t want to hurt your feelings so they will tell you whatever they think will spare you. Just a tip… people can typically see through that. Honesty really is the best policy. If you do not want to book a florist because you just simply like someone else’s style better, just say so. Don’t say, “Well they fit better in our budget.” That florist is most likely going to reply with, “Well, I can work within your budget. Let me see what I can do.” Then what? Your excuse is shot. Remember to mind your manners. You do not want to say, “You are awful. I liked them better.” You can simply say, “I think her style is more of what I am looking for. Thank you for your time. I know you are busy and your time is valuable.” They will respect you for telling them the truth. Just remember their time is just as valuable as yours. Common courtesy goes a long way. Just remember what your mama taught you! 


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