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Vendor Spotlight: Brooke Rockwell Hair Designs

For those of you who know all about the Mansion, you know that we have some absolutely AMAZING preferred vendors. I had the chance to ask a few questions to Brooke Rockwell, owner of Brooke Rockwell Hair Designs. First of all, I have to say that I just adore Brooke. She is one of those people that you HAVE to be friends with because she is so sweet and sincere. She did my hair for my wedding day and I was not disappointed one bit.

Since I know photos are what we all want to see, I have featured some of Brooke’s styles on some of my Mansion bride sisters. Enjoy!

NA: Tell me about yourself.
BR: I have been doing hair for 25 years this year! I went to cosmetology school during high school. I have had my salon for almost 19 years. I started as an assistant at a small salon in Oakland.
NA: What should brides bring with them when they are coming in for a trial run? How long does this take?
BR: They should bring anything they plan to use in their hair, a camera, and some pictures of styles they love and don’t love. We allow for an hour for the trial. Most of the time we don’t use the whole hour.
NA: How far in advance should brides book with you?
BR: As soon as the bride knows her wedding date she should give us a call. We have brides scheduled for next November already!
NA: How do we know what time to get started?
BR: Our hairstyles will last for hours so it’s better to be done a little early than cutting it too close. We usually plan 1 hour for the bride and 30 minutes for anyone else. You decide how much time you need and work back from the time you want everyone finished.
NA: If you were going to renew your vows, how would you have your hair styled?
BR: If I was renewing my vows, I would wear my hair down and in glamorous 1940’s waves. Maybe with a birdcage veil, they are so great.  I know I would definitely do a fun bright pink or green shoe!
NA: Well, you are a girl after my own heart. So, what else do you want brides to know?
BR: The bride should always be honest about what she likes and doesn’t like. It won’t hurt my feelings if our first couple styles aren’t perfect.  It’s part of the trial to try things and see what works best. That’s why the trial is so important. The wedding day goes smoother if the guess work is already done. Choosing a hairstyle should always be the fun part of wedding planning!

Ok, now that you love her as much as I do, there is one more important thing to know. Where you can find her! Brooke Rockwell Hair Designs is located in Washington Plaza Apartments at 1420 Centre Avenue in Suite 4B. This is right beside the Consol Energy Center if you are trying to get an idea of where it is. You can call her with any questions or to set up an appointment at 412.471.9122. You can also email her at I’d also suggest checking out her website: You can also check her out on facebook!! 


As always, feel free to email me at or call at 412.427.2877 with any questions!

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