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Vendor Spotlight: Wenning Entertainment

The three things that most bride and grooms say are important to them when planning their wedding are food, alcohol and music. You always remember when the food was horrible, when they ran out of alcohol or when the music was awful and out-dated. I mean, there may still be some lovers out there, but I am pretty sure the song What is Love?  is not the top song you want to hear, unless of course the bride and groom are huge SNL fans.

I will touch on the food and alcohol in another post, but today I want to focus on music. There are so many ways you can provide music at your wedding. Bands, DJ, iPods. The list goes on. One of the preferred vendors of the Mansion at Maple Heights is Wenning Entertainment. Eric Wenning is the CEO of this entertainment service. We are huge fans of Eric’s. You often hear the term MC being thrown around. In most cases, it means Master of Ceremonies. In Eric’s case, it means Move the Crowd. I can’t take full credit for that term, but I completely agree with it. When he or his staff are performing here at the Mansion, the guests don’t stop dancing unless they want them to. They are always aware of what is happening next. No guests will miss your toasts or cake cutting just because they didn’t know it was happening. To sum it up, they’re awesome. Period, point blank.

I had the opportunity to ask Eric a few questions I thought all brides would want to know. So let’s hear what he had to say!

NA: How did you get into DJing? How long have you been spinning tracks?

EW: Well I have been doing this for 18 years. I started at Age 11 and then DJ’ed my first wedding at age 13 which was a Jamaican wedding! WE had a BLAST and from then on I was hooked! I have always been into music. My dad was a drummer, so I was as well. Music was kind of already in my blood. I knew I loved making people happy and making their day so special, I just knew this is what I was supposed to do in life!

NA: What is your favorite part of the wedding reception?

EW: I really don’t have any one in particular. But the part after they say “I DO!” is always a great time!

NA: If you were getting married, what song would you use as your grand entrance?

EW: Well that right there is Top Secret! ;) But I am a fan of BOB by Outkast! Great energy to the song!

NA: What has been your most interesting request from a bride?

EW: Honestly, I can’t think of a request that has really stood out over the years from a Bride. There was a request from a Groom, he works on Broadway, and wanted to sing a special song he wrote just for his new wife at their reception. So we had to provide all the Backline (Piano and Monitors) for him and set it up in a very small window and get the sound check done perfectly in a very short amount of time, so she would not find out! This was amazing and sounded great! She was instantly crying and it made their day so much special!

NA: What can you offer your brides that makes you stand out?

EW: We can offer many different services from DJ, Photography, and Specialized Lighting and Decor. The bread and butter of our business was and will always be the DJ side. We offer some of the ONLY professionally trained Entertainers in PA. We put all of our Entertainers through the same training program call F.A.M.E., which stands for the Florida Academy of Mobile Entertainers. I, personally, am an Instructor for the school and teach other DJ’s across the country also. Our training is kinda like a Masters Degree for a teacher. We pride ourselves in higher learning and education on how to make the guest and clients have the best time possible without the whole “cheese” factor. So our client’s wedding will be fun and interactive, but not over the top and all about the DJ. It’s about the Bride and Groom, not us!

NA: What is a common misconception that brides have about DJs?

EW: The most common misconception is always shopping for the cheapest price first. Our service is not a tangible item, where you can compare apples to apples. We are a highly trained service that has detailed customer service. Just like when asking around for car insurance, there are MANY variables in your quote because there are many factors into your price, just like a DJ. The length of time, venue, how many different systems will they need, travel, your exact needs, and more.

So I would suggest to find out a little more about your entertainment before the price question comes into play. There are many others that can tell you a lot about the DJ before you even get into pricing. Such as, “Do you have Liability Insurance?”, “What kind of backup do you have – personnel wise and equipment?”, “Are you a full-time company or just a Hobbyist?” …and more! You can visit our Wedding DJ Section on our website for a Great Article on what questions you should be asking. Go to : then Click on the ‘Wedding’ Section under the DJ’s, and click on the button at the bottom of the page where it says “Click here before you ask How Much!”

NA: Open Mic: What else do you want brides to know?

EW: Lastly, if you having your wedding at a venue like the Mansion at Maple heights, utilize and trust the venues recommended vendors because they won’t advertise someone that could jeopardize their reputation. Also, they see a lot of variety every single weekend. So trust their judgement and make sure to research your choices online. Read online reviews and ask other friends and co-workers about your choices. They may have seen or worked with one of your prospects for your wedding. Before you make any decision, make sure they have at least the following: insurance, proper training, & backup’s of people and equipment WITHIN their company. Those are a Must Have.

So there you have it. Now, you want to know how you can book him to move the crowd at your wedding. You can check out his website at, call him at 1-866-9-WENNING, or email him at Pretty simple. I highly recommend him. You won’t regret your decision!

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