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Because we love you…

We love brides. And grooms. We truly do. With the holiday season upon us, we’ve decided to give a little something to those who love us back.

How does 10% off sound? For anyone who “likes” our Facebook page or follows us on Twitter and books a 2012 or 2013 wedding at the Mansion between Black Friday and December 31st, youwill get 10% off your reception package.

It gets better. For anyone who “likes” our Facebook page AND follows us on Twitter, you will get 15% off your reception package!!!

Yeah, it’s a pretty awesome deal. Besides, you want to follow us anyway. I am full of wedding tips, ideas and advice. Things you NEED to know!

So follow and like and get a discount. Pretty easy! Oh and call (412.427.2877)or email me ( to set up your tour so we can get to planning!! 



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