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Pittsburgh Chevy Sonic Sweets Tour

I bet you read that title and thought, “What the heck?” I did too. Earlier this fall, I worked with Jamie Dray of the Pittsburgh favorite WeddObsessed. We became fast friends and as she says, “Us bloggers have to stick together.” So she, being the sweet thing she is, passed along my information for an invite to the Pittsburgh Chevy Sonic Sweets Tour. 

I know, I know. You still don’t quite get what this means. So let me tell you. A bunch of us bloggers here in Pittsburgh met up in Dormont for an afternoon of driving and eating. Driving the new Chevy Sonic and eating yummy delicious treats across Pittsburgh from three locally owned bakeries- Sugar Cafe , Dozen Bake Shop, and Gluuteny. Being that I blog for all you brides out there, I knew it was my duty to venture all over the city to taste test items from each bakery. After all, bakeries are a very important part of weddings. Eating these delicious treats all afternoon was torture. It was torture, I tell you. Pure torture…

We took a few minutes at the beginning of the tour to talk about the new Chevy Sonic, which I later got to drive. It was a hatchback and is considered one of their small cars. This car did not feel cramped and drove really nice! I was pleasantly surprised. You know that feeling you get when you are driving a car you are not familiar with? The one that you just feel completely out of sorts? I really didn’t get that feeling with this one… other than the fact that I couldn’t figure out how to turn on the windshield wipers and it was raining. I am used to driving a 6-cylinder, so it took a little getting used to since this was a 4-cylinder. But overall, it was a nice car. We were discussing on the ride that it would be the perfect car for young professionals.

Now… on to the good stuff! Our first stop was Sugar Cafe in Dormont, where we tasted lemon pound cake, vanilla bean macaroons, and Irish Carbomb mini cupcakes. Yum.

I have to say that this was probably my favorite stop of the day, but it was tough competition! I, personally, am just more a fan of fruity desserts. The lemon pound cake was phenomenal! The vanilla bean macaroon was placed on top of a delicious raspberry sauce that really just made it stand out to me. It was also the only place where I ate every bite and did not take home a doggie-bag :(

Next stop, Dozen Bake Shop in Lawrenceville. This shop was recently opened under new ownership. They have closed a few of the shops throughout the city, but the Lawrenceville and Oakland shops remain. I wish I had gotten a photo of the adorable chandeliers, but I was too busy tasting to take too many photos.

We tasted cupcake push-pops, pumpkin gobs, apple “pop-tarts,” and mini cupcakes. This is also where my sugar shock started to kick in, so I had a bite of everything and then packed up my leftovers in a to-go box so I could share with my hubby.

My favorite here was the pumpkin gob. It was not overwhelmingly sweet and was melt-in-your-mouth moist. Mmmm…

Our last stop was Gluuteny in Squirrel Hill. I thought this was an interesting choice because all of their goods are gluten- and casein-free. In many cases, people who have gluten allergies are also allergic to a number of other things including dairy and oats.

Now, I am not allergic to any foods (thankfully!!) and was a little nervous to taste these goodies because I had no clue what they would taste like. I had recently tasted some non-dairy chocolate chip cookies made by a friend who’s baby has a milk protein allergy. They were surprisingly good and I really couldn’t taste the difference. I made sure to pick up some pizza dough mix for her while I was here. See, her husband makes some of the BEST pepperoni rolls I have ever tasted and while we enjoyed, she just sat there and drooled. Anyway, back to the tasting!

The first treat was a pumpkin cupcake. As I mentioned, the sweets had started to get to me, so I mostly stuck to eating the cupcake itself with minimal icing. This was the only one I got photos of too. I think it is because everyone was hesitant to jump in. However, once they tasted these, the rest disappeared pretty quickly. We also had their brownies and a raspberry almond cake. Which brings me to a great tip for all of my brides out there…

Each and every one of these bakeries does make wedding cakes. Yep! You heard right. Now there is a wedding cake out there for every bride. Whether you are like me and can eat anything or whether you have dietary restrictions, you can find a cake for you. And if you do have dietary restrictions, no one else will even know they are eating gluten-free cake. I promise. I didn’t!



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