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Friday Finds 11.25.11

Well, how many of you went out this morning into the crazy world of shopping? I did NOT. I rather like sitting behind my computer purchasing things for the same great discount. I only enjoy watching the news on Black Friday so that I can see the ridiculousness that is happening across the country. I mean, really. Is it really worth pushing some lady around just to get that sandwich maker for cousin Larry?

So for those of you who stayed in, like me (well, technically, I am at work!), and are doing your shopping online, I have the perfect site for you to check out. Dress Rush┬áis an awesome site for brides looking for dresses, accessories, place cards, etc. All of which are listed at a reduced rate for a certain period of time. Think Groupon, but for brides. They even have some FREE deals. Who doesn’t love free?!?!

Oh and a little added bonus, yours truly is going to be helping them to write some of their info pages. So be sure to check them out once they are up and published!




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