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Vendor Spotlight: ShoFilms

Next up on our vendor spotlight is ShoFilms. They are absolutely spectacular at what they do. I mean, I cannot even express how awesome they are. I had a chance to dig down into their creative minds to find out what makes ShoFilms tick. Here’s what they had to say!

NA: Tell me about ShoFilms.

SF: ShoFilms got its start in Pittsburgh when a few wedding photographers wanted to do more to share couples’ stories! ShoFilms is comprised of 3 people (Paul, Justin, and Mindi) with diverse backgrounds in photography, video production, graphic design, audio, the arts, and business spanning 10+ years of experience. It only made sense for us to join creative forces and offer couples compelling stories of their days and not just a stagnant camera sleepily recording every last second from the very same angle for hours on end.

It began with lots of conversations full of big ideas, capturing our first wedding film, and word of mouth spreading quickly.  We soon had a handful of weddings booked thanks to our first and only film.  It took us a while to come up with our name… probably longer than any of our films have taken to create!  ShoFilms is simply the first initials of our last names.  Lucky for us, they spell “show” (just without the W!).  We sifted through different terms for “cinema”, but “films” seemed to fit us the best. ShoFilms was the perfect name for us and our studio.  The studio is located in South Park, PA where it was an office space remodeled into a modern and inviting space for us to both work and host newlyweds with their families and friends to view their special HD film on our 10 foot screen.

NA: Why is cinematography better than your regular old videography?

SF: Cinematography is better than regular old video because, well, it looks like a movie! It tells a story of the couple’s day in a cinematic, artful, and thoughtful way.  We have our couples stop in and get to know us, and we film a private interview with both the bride and the groom.  We hear their story from both sides before we even begin.  We incorporate this getting to know the couples into our films, and it really provides an emotional connection in the film.  Even to people who don’t know the couple! The look of our films also has a lot to do with our equipment and knowledge of how to use it.  We use small noninvasive digital SLR cameras along with sliders, steadicams, and the same tools as Hollywood filmmakers.

NA: How long in advance should brides book your services?

SF: Brides should book our services as soon as they begin considering all of their other vendors. Six to twelve months is best and preferred, but we’ve been known to swing a gorgeous film within as little as a month’s notice.

NA: Where do you get your inspiration from?

SF: Everything! Especially our couples!  Every story needs character, setting and a plot.  After hearing their story, how they met, and what their future holds…we have all the inspiration we need.   We are also constantly watching films and browsing websites like vimeo and flickr to keep up to date on trends and beautiful work in general.

NA: How long does it take to go from shooting the video to the finished

SF: It takes us about 4-8 weeks to have a completed film, shot, edited, and burned onto a disc ready for our couples to enjoy.

NA: What goes into creating the finished product on the bride and groom’s side of things?

SF: All the couples have to do is go about their day, enjoy themselves, and we do the rest! Although if they chose venues with great lighting with us in mind (like the Mansion!), that wouldn’t hurt!

NA: What else do brides need to know about ShoFilms?

SF: We are storytellers at heart!  Our approach is a little different. We don’t strictly document your wedding.  We want to tell your story.  We’d like anyone watching your video to feel like they were there… feel what you guys felt.. cry with you.. laugh with you!

If you really want to get an idea of what ShoFilms does, it’s best to let the work speak for itself. Check out the video from their 11.11.11 wedding!

Bree + DJ from ShoFilms on Vimeo.



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