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Beat the heat

Wedding season is upon us and I have been swamped with inquiries and tours and bookings here at the Mansion at Maple Heights. All good things, I know :)

With this cold weather, the only ones thinking about summer are the ones who are booking summer weddings. Them and of course us. One thing I have been hearing from future brides is that they do not want their guests to be too warm during their outdoor ceremonies. So let’s talk about a few ways to help them keep cool while you are swapping your vows in the great outdoors!

1. Ice Cold Drinks

One way to beat the heat is to cool off with an ice cold lemonade. Or Iced Tea. Or water. Or fruit punch. Really, whatever your little heart desires. Your guests will thank you for the treat and helping them fend off the heat. Nothing is worse than being stuck in the sun with a dry mouth.

2. Hand-held fans

I am not talking about little motorized fans with the water spray option. I am just talking about cute paper fans that your guests can use to keep the air moving around them. If you want them to serve double duty, you can make them both a fan and program like these cute little DIY ones. The best part is you can add whatever design or color you want to these!

3. Shade

The worst thing you can do is not give your guests a place to hide from the scorching heat of the sun. You should have some place nearby where guests can cool off for a moment or two or even just get out of the sun. No one likes bikini tan lines let alone lines from the straps of your dress… or worse yet, sandals. Ouch. You can seek the cover of a willow tree, canopy or tent and the good rays of the sun will stay off your guests shoulders and in their hearts.

4. Opt for evening

This may not always be an option for everyone, but there can be the possibility of waiting until the sun starts to head to bed for the night. Lots of candlelight and cool breezes can turn your miserably hot ceremony into a romantic one quickly. Just be sure you don’t wait too long or you could end up sitting in the dark for 20 minutes!

These are just a few of the ways to beat the heat during your summer weddings. OK, now I am praying that summer comes faster…




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