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I’m in a funk…

I am sure you’ve noticed that I haven’t been blogging as much lately. I feel like I am in a blogging funk lately. I just can’t seem to get the motivation to write like I usually can. I am not sure if it’s because things have been so hectic here or if I just have writer’s block. Either way, I suck lately. It’s not that I love you less or have any less passion for what I do. It’s just the though of sitting down in front of this blank screen that it drives me nuts.

One of my biggest fears is becoming one of those bloggers that talks about the same topics every week. Granted, I write Tuesday Shoesdays and Friday Finds each week, but I make an honest effort not to feature too many shoes or products from the same websites. I am sure those two things cannot stay exciting when that’s the only thing I am blogging.

Maybe it is the weather. Maybe it is the lack of time looking for inspirational ideas. Maybe it is the fact that I am completely and utterly exhausted from the busy booking season… not that I am complaining, I love new, happy brides! Maybe it is just that I don’t know what to write about. I don’t know. Even Pinterest isn’t cutting it lately! There is seriously something wrong with me…

This weekend, The Mansion has been rented out for a women’s weekend. The ladies will have mani/pedi’s, massages, and makeup lessons throughout the weekend, plus they will be able to hang out in our awesome theater room. I mean, seriously ladies, if you want a good idea for a women’s weekend, this is it. They have rented the entire Mansion for the WHOLE weekend. We ensure privacy to each and every person who rents the entire property for the weekend (just like we do for wedding weekends!), so there will be no tours.

So what will I be doing you ask? Recharging my batteries with my hubby, puppies and a special visitor for the weekend – my mom :) I am so incredibly excited to spend some QT with two of my favorite people and our dogs. Add them to our boxers and it is literally a romping good time. I’m planning on doing a whole lot of nothing. A little cooking. A little baking homemade dog treats (there is going to be a circus in town with my two dogs and my mom’s two in the house!). A little movie watching. And a lot of wine drinking.

So with that, I hope to be recharged and ready to blog at the start of next week. In the meantime, bear with me and just enjoy the lonely Tuesday Shoesday and Friday Finds posts this week and don’t kick me while I am down. I promise to be back to normal next week, come hell or high water!

Since every post is better with a picture and I am a self-proclaimed, crazy, boxer mom, I leave you with a shot of the cutest puppies in the world. Two of the 6 living things with whom (who? I never know when to use which) I get to spend my weekend :)


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