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And the Oscar goes to…

OK, who watched it? In my mind, the show was fairly uneventful. Hugo cleaned house, which always gets boring. There weren’t really any outlandish gowns, at least ones that were shown during the Red Carpet show and the awards themselves. I took notes as I watched the Red Carpet. Yes. I’m a dork. So let’s talk about some of my favorites because I went to all that trouble to take notes and everything.


So everyone was talking about Michelle Williams in this coral gown. While I cannot deny that she looked simply stunning in this gown, I will say that I did not love this one. Did anyone see what was going on with the back of this gown? I just didn’t get that. At first, I was a little excited because I thought it was an open back, then I searched and searched and finally found a pic of the back and was very disappointed. At least the color looked great on her!

I can say this is one of those gowns that look better on than on the hanger. The ornate designs are gorgeous and unique, which is probably why I would have chosen something else. But WOW. Jessica looked amazing in this gown. And no it’s not just because it’s black and gold. Big ups to the beautiful redheads in the world :)

I was a little confused when I saw Gwyneth at first. The cape really threw me off. But then I heard a comment that it was “cold” so I understood where the cape came in. I think this gown was the perfect blend of simplicity and elegance. I loved the cap sleeves and only wish I could pull off a gown like this!

Now THIS is the type of gown I expect from Oscar attendees. Talk about old Hollywood glamour. I can also picture this as a bridal gown and maybe that is what attracted me to it. Do we think there would ever be a reason to wear such a gown in Pittsburgh?


Sandra Bullock has always been a favorite of mine. I love her witty/awkward sense of humor. Reminds me of a “real” person. The other reason I love her is because she has such a great sense of style. And can we talk about the back?!?!

And now for my favorite of the night…

Some had her on the worst dressed list, but I LOVE this gown. It was the perfect choice for Emma Stone. I feel like it was gorgeous, yet light and fun which is perfect for Emma. I really enjoyed the skit when she was presenting with Ben Stiller. Honestly, I wish more of the presenters had fun like this because the show was a little lack-luster in my opinion. I also wish I was going to be a bridesmaid in another wedding soon so I could find a gown like this to wear. Wouldn’t it be perfect?!

So now you know what I liked, but which were your favorites?



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