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Inspiration: Red, Red Wine

I recently had a bride who needed a little inspiration. She found her dream gown (which I won’t post on here JUST in case her FI decides to take a peek!). She had an idea of what colors she wanted to use. But she wasn’t quite sure how to bring her vision to life. She mentioned that the bridesmaids dresses were a burgundy color and that she was leaning toward a wine theme. It is a fall wedding so burgundy is a great color for that season. Well, I was all over that! I personally love wine. I get it honestly. My great-grandmother all the way down to my mom were/are self-proclaimed wine-o’s. But I digress…

So what do I do when someone is having a hard time finding their vision? Put together an inspiration board. And for your viewing pleasure, I have decided to post it here. I used a new board creator, so it is a little different than my previous boards. Let me know what you think!



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