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Friday Finds, 3.30.12

You all know me by now. I love practical favors. So when I saw these cute tea party favors on Etsy from Dell Cove Spice Company, I knew they were perfect to share with all of my bridesmaids out there.

Each and every one of your guests can enjoy a nice soothing spot of tea and think of you and your future hubby. If you really want to go all out, you could even plan an Alice in Wonderland themed shower and attach a “Drink Me” sign to each. Dell Cove Spice Company also has a number of other awesome products (cocktail rim sugar, popcorn seasonings, BBQ dry rub samplers, etc.). So you could even create a little gift basket to give away as a door prize or even as a cute gift for the bride (& groom!). Oh and Brides, don’t forget this as an option as a gift to your bridesmaids!!



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