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Spring is in the air!

Spring is here! Who else is excited? Winter is not my favorite season, so any hint of spring makes me ridiculously happy because I know that summer is almost here, which makes me even happier. The emergence of brightly colored clothing in stores has really solidified the fact that the warmer months are here to stay.

This season, I have noticed two colors in particular that seem to be everywhere – bright yellow and coral. Now, I have always been a fan of these colors. Being a redhead and having almost transparent white skin, certain colors can be difficult to wear. However, I am pretty excited that these two are popular this season since they both look great on all skin types and with all hair colors.

I’ve taken the liberty of picking a few bridesmaids dresses in these two colors because you should be nice to your bridesmaids. Picking a color that compliments them will only make them look better beside you and your photos will look better too. All of these dresses are from The Dessy Group.


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