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Friday Finds 4.6.12

I have really been aching for a tropical vacation this week. I just really want to be in a warm and sunny place. I can’t help but wish that I lived in a climate that was a tad warmer all year around. But in my ventures online, I found a great bridal shower/bachelorette party gift for the bride. While, yes, those hoodies, tank tops and bikinis with “Soon-to-be Mrs. X,” “Bride,” or “Just Married” on them are super cute. Think about it. She will never wear that again after her wedding day and honeymoon. I too purchased a cute little zip up hoodie with “Sexy Little Bride” on the back thinking how cute it would be to wear while getting ready for my big day. That was the one and only time I wore it. Hindsight…

So now that I have gone through it and know that spending that $40 really wasn’t worth it, I realize there is a much better way to celebrate and flaunt your new name. Monograms. Simple enough right? You can literally find just about anything that can have a monogram stitched, engraved, or carved on it. I found these on The Knot Wedding Shop and thought about how much I would have loved to have this on my honeymoon.

These beach towels are something that she will use for the rest of its life! This is the perfect way to flaunt your new initials and soak up the excitement of being a newlywed. Trust me, she will love it.


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