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Bridal Boot Camp: 5 Easy-Peasy Breakfasts

So if you read my post last week about the 5 Simple Rules for Getting in Shape, you now know that it is true. Breakfast IS the most important meal of the day. A healthy breakfast does not consist of coffee, cream and sugar. There is absolutely nothing nutritional about coffee, even though I know we all love it.

There are so many options for breakfast, but I typically tend to stick with just a few of my favorites. I like to keep things simple. Since I know you have most likely not taken a sabbatical in order to plan your wedding, you need quick and easy breakfasts that you can grab and run out the door. So today I am sharing a few of my simple favorites.

5 Easy-Peasy Breakfasts

1. Oatmeal 

OK, let me just get one thing straight here. Do not, I repeat, do not eat those instant oatmeal packets. They are loaded with sugar and all other kinds of crap that is not really healthy. Remember, if you cannot pronounce the ingredients listed, it isn’t clean. What you want to do is purchase Steel-Cut Oats, Rolled Oats or Quick Oats. If you like instant oatmeal, I suggest that you start with the Quick Oats and work your way up to the Steel-Cut, which is the best of the three options. It will be less of a shock to your taste buds since they have quite different textures. Now, you not condemned to eating bland oatmeal forever. You can load it up with yummy fruits, spices or even protein powder to make it taste amazing. A few combos that I like are fresh apples and cinnamon, banana and sliced almonds, or some blueberries and agave. It is really a simple breakfast. Just add water and cook! If you figure out a way to keep the oatmeal from exploding in your microwave, please let me know. I always walk away and come back to an overflowed bowl. Every darn time.

2. Egg Sammies/Wraps

This one is a no-brainer. Egg sammies are easy and quick to take on the road if necessary. I love this Egg & Spinach Sandwich recipe that Kati Heifner posted on her blog (which has a ton of other recipes so be sure to stick around on there for a bit!). This one is super simple and you can freeze them to  make any morning you are running late. Honestly, I love egg sammies so much I could eat them every day. The protein is super filling and keeps me energized for the morning ahead. If you make these with meat, make sure you are using a lean meat. Ham and bacon can be full of sodium, so look out for low sodium alternatives and even turkey based options. I personally love turkey bacon and prefer it to regular bacon! If you haven’t already, definitely try it at least once.

3. Omelets

I love omelets. Wanna know why? Because if I have that bottomless pit feeling, I can always eat a nice big omelet and get rid of that feeling early. Depending on the intensity of your workout, you can eat between 4-6 egg whites per omelet. I don’t know if you realize just how big of an omelet you can make with that many whites! I like to use the All Whites in a carton so I don’t waste so many eggs. Once you have the egg whites separated or measured out, just spray your pan with non-stick spray and pour them in. Here is the best part – you can eat as many veggies as you want! So load that omelet up with whatever you want- mushrooms, green peppers, onions, broccoli, etc. I have even used brussel sprouts and asparagus! Then, you can sprinkle a bit of cheese on the top and you have your omelet. It literally takes 10 minutes to make and if you have to eat it on the go and have some whole wheat tortilla shells, you can toss it in a wrap and go!

4. Ezekiel Toast

If you are one of those people who used to skip breakfast, you might need a lighter option to help break yourself in to eating a larger breakfast. I have been hearing about Ezekiel bread for the longest time, but just recently tried it. I am in LOVE! I love the flavor of the toast all by itself. I sometimes have one slice with my omelet if I’ve had a hard workout that morning. But if you want to skip the eggs, layer on some peanut butter (my favorite is Smucker’s Organic Peanut Butter with only 1 gram of sugar per serving) and 1/2 of a banana sliced and split between the two slices. The thing about eating toast for breakfast is that you still need to incorporate some sort of protein, otherwise there is not enough nutritional value in that meal. So by adding the peanut butter, you are getting more protein in that meal which will keep you energized. Another favorite of mine is almond butter and fresh, sliced strawberries. Yummy!

5. Protein or Meal Replacement Shake

Don’t laugh. I drink protein shakes. It’s true. I find that one of the easiest ways to grab a quick meal is to mix up a shake. Now, there are a few things to look at when choosing a protein for you. Make sure they are not loaded with sugar and a bunch of other junk. I have a few ways I make these. One is to use Blue Diamond Unsweetened Almond Milk as the mixer. I simply fill up my blender bottle (the little plastic to go cups with the metal whisk ball inside) with 8-12 ounces of almond milk, shake and go. The other way is to put the powder in a blender with 8 ounces of water and a fruit of your choice. I like to use 1/2 banana, 1 cup of blueberries or 1/2 cup of sliced strawberries depending on the flavor of powder I am using. I am also a huge fan of using 1 tablespoon of peanut butter or PB2, which is a peanut butter powder, and the chocolate flavored protein. Talk about heaven in a cup!

Well that is it. Five Easy-Peasy breakfasts. I know that you are going to eat your breakfast every day now, right?

Now, let’s get honeymoon bikini ready!!!




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