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Friday Finds 4.20.12

Now that you have gotten some great tips on how to become a healthier you, I think it is time to celebrate and give you a little something fun for your honeymoon. 

I love the teal and white polka dots and stripes, but there are a ton of color options with this suit. Even a few neon colors for those of you who want to really show off your tan! Vickie’s (my little pet name for Victoria’s Secret since I love their clothing!) has so many great bathing suit options that are suiting for any body type. So feel free to shop around while on the site and treat yourself to a little treat for all your hard work!

Regardless of how much you weigh or what size you are on your wedding day, your new husband is going to love you more than he did yesterday. So do this for you and your health and not for any other reason than wanting to live a long and happy life with him.




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