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Lazy mornings spark inspiration…

This morning, I decided to be a bit lazy. Rather than getting up and getting my workout in before work, I decided to watch a movie. What movie? Well, I’m flattered you cared enough to ask. My wonderful hubby recently bought An Affair to Remember¬†for me. Since that is not really his type of movie, I figured I would pop it in and relax a bit. Let me tell you, I was hit immediately with inspiration.

So what sparked the inspiration? The fashion, of course. When I saw Deborah Kerr in the orange and beige gown at the beginning of the movie, I knew it would make a gorgeous wedding gown.

I instantly fell in love. This was just the first of many dresses to win me over. The movie is full of them! But when I saw this one in particular, it reminded me of the Maggie Sottero Collection I recently browsed through. To be honest, I try not to look at bridal gowns for the simple fact that I yearn for another one every single time. I decided that for you, I would suffer and peek through them again to grab a few to share.

I love the grecian feel of these gowns and think they mirror Deborah Kerr’s gown in An Affair to Remember, yet bring a modern twist to the table. And yes, now I wish I could go try on gowns again…





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