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Friday Finds 4.27.12

Ok, this find is going to be slightly out of the ordinary, but I came across this and couldn’t help but smile. I immediately thought of the reaction my husband would have had if I had given him this as a gift before his bachelor party. He might have shrieked like a little girl at the sight.

Yes. I really did just post a plastic beer boot. To be honest, The Man Registry has quite a few great gift options for the guys. They only say they want those crystal flutes. They don’t really want them. Or I should say, they want them because you want them. So why not have a little fun with your guy and give him a gift that will get people talking and laughing with him while he is out and about with this best buds celebrating the upcoming nuptials. At least he can’t break it. He most likely will break the crystal flutes…



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