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Real Wedding: Lauren & Bill 5.12.12

Well, the start of our 2012 wedding season came quicker than any of us could imagine. But it was not soon enough for me! I couldn’t wait to get our first couple of the year in here and get them married! They felt the same way.

Lauren and Bill are the cutest couple ever. The love they share is undeniable. I am pretty sure he would do absolutely any- and everything to make her happy. This is the stuff that happy marriages are built on. With that said, here are a few shots from their wedding.

Check out this gorgeous arch made of birch wood and topped off with a bit of floral accent created by Bill Chisnell productions. Super cute, right?

Lauren and Bill did a love letter ceremony. I have not seen this before and thought it was adorable. This is how it works: Prior to the wedding day, the bride and groom write love letters to each other. During the ceremony, the officiant explains the ceremony and then the two love letters are placed in the box along with a bottle of wine. The letters are unopened and the box is locked at the ceremony until an anniversary of the bride and groom’s choosing. On that anniversary, the box is opened, letters are read and wine is drank. What a great way to remind yourselves of how you felt the day of your wedding!!

Ok, seriously. How adorable is the flower girl’s tutu?! I mean, eat her up adorable!

They look just a little bit happy to finally be married, don’t they? Just a bit…

Announcing Mr. & Mrs. Petty! Her gown is gorg!!

I had to show this shot because I am a HUGE fan of stations. I think the versatility in food and the ability to eat as little or as much as you want are awesome. Not only that, but you see that chef in the shot? He’s also one of our grooms, Phil, who is getting married here next June! I promise he’s not working off his debt. He’s an awesome chef for big Burrito Catering.

I love mother-daughter dances. Who says dad should have all the fun?

Congrats Lauren & Bill!! We wish you all the happiness in the world!!

Photos by Julianna Zito


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