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Friday Finds 6.1.12

Whoa. It is JUNE?! For Pete’s sake, where did the first half of the year go?

Today, I am sharing an adorable bridal shower/wedding gift idea. Now, my intention is for you to buy this for someone else. But if you want one of these for yourself, here’s what you do. You purchase it for a friend who also happens to be getting married this summer. Once you get it, take a pic on your phone, send it to EVERYONE in your phone list (except the receiver of course) and comment how you fell in love with it and that it was only $50 and that you are kind of jealous of the bride to whom you are giving it. Then slyly include the link for the shop in the message so it is easy for them to track. Voila! Instant gift inspiration for those people coming to your shower/wedding!

I know it sounds sneaky, but just look at how cute it is!!!

If I didn’t get a photo similar to this for my own shower, I might be inclined to tell you that I found this on the Etsy site for Element 120 Photos.


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