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Friday Finds 6.8.12

With Memorial Day weekend behind us and the warmer weather sneaking in, it is pretty safe to say that summer is here. Well, not officially. That technically happens in 12 days, but you get where I’m going.

What comes with summer? Picnics, parties, weddings, and ice cream.

I was discussing the wedding menu options with a couple recently and mentioned that they can have a sundae bar as a dessert option. Their faces immediately lit up and I knew I had just found the one thing that would truly make them happy on their wedding day. And why wouldn’t it? Almost everyone loves ice cream. There is something so calming about getting your favorite flavor of ice cream, sitting on a bench and enjoying it on a hot summer evening. There is a great little ice cream shop near my house and I love going there.

So when I found these awesome ice cream bowls, I knew I had to share them. Wouldn’t these be the cutest wedding favors?

Each guest could have their own bowl to fill with ice cream and top with whatever they want! I can’t think of a better way to end your reception!!


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