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A fresh perspective…

So every now and then, we like to get a fresh perspective on things here at the Mansion. Our new intern, Jennifer, is the perfect person to do that for us. I asked her to write about her ideal wedding. I love her color choices and the creativity in choosing details. So let’s see what she had to say:

Wow! A wedding at the Mansion. Well let’s start off by saying if I could have my wedding at the Mansion, I would be ecstatic. An ideal wedding would be a late July wedding – just perfect with the warm weather and wonderful summer sunsets. I would plan on having around 150 guests. I would defiantly like to have a maid of honor and 3 other bridesmaids. Though I cannot say who those bridesmaids would be for sure, I know my sister would definitely be one.

My color scheme would be plum, apple green and white. For all of the cocktail tables, I would use a summer color of Iridescent Crush White topped with a Destiny Apple, which would be set up in the Library as well as maybe one or two on the patio. I would use a simple Iridescent Crush White again topped with a Destiny Plum for all of my dessert tables, which would be set up in the Dining Room. As for all my dinner tables in the tent, I would stick with the same colors but different linens. I’d alternate Bengaline Purple Moire with Apple Green Moire.

I would plan to have the DJ in the middle of the tent with dancing right on the pretty stone courtyard. My brother is a DJ so I would hire his company to do music and lighting. I know what they do and I love it! I am not sure what song I would choose as my wedding song as I will wait to choose that with my future groom. But, I know I would love to dance with my father to Butterfly Kisses by Bob Carlisle. Also a little unusual (but hey it’s MY wedding day), I would love to have a dance with my mother to Kissed by a Rose by Seal. My mother has been playing that with me since I was a little girl.

Now that all my linens and tables are set, I need to think about flowers. I would love to have white traditional daisies with green button poms and some purple tulips. I would love to have these in a vase with small purple stones with water as my center pieces. As for my cocktail tables and dessert tables, I would do something very similar but smaller. (Think a combo of the two pics below!)


Everyone wants to enjoy a delicious meal at a wedding. Big Catering is perfect for providing a delicious and tasty meal. I would choose a sit-down option starting with a Caesar salad followed by a Roasted chicken and Green Lentil Soup. For the entree, guests would have a choice of Filet Mignon or the Park Farms Chicken. My cake would have three layers with a flower on the top. Of course, we will also offer a variety of cookies for the cookie table made by my loving friends and family!!

My escort cards, card box and guest book would be located right inside the front door of the Mansion in the foyer. I think would be really amazing if my card box was a wooden box with ribbon around it. As for the layout of my escort cards, I plan to have them on white paper with apple green and plum writing. I would love something homemade and simple designed by my mom for a guest book. I am not super picky about that!

I would love to add some family photos on the mantels in the library, dining room and living room with white candles in an apple green or plum colored jar. I think these small touches would be so nice for any wedding here!

For my favors, I plan to do a white scented candle with our wedding date on the front of the glass printed in a lime green or purple. The candles will be wrapped in a white tulle tied with a ribbon with a small lime green or purple flower in the center.

This is just the start of my ideal wedding. Let’s just hope my groom is not too picky and will love my ideas! I can’t wait to one day see all this laid out for a wedding day of my own.

And there you have it, folks. Jennifer’s ideal wedding. Hope you enjoyed the new perspective!



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