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Friday Finds 6.15.12

We have recently had a ton of brides coming in saying that a majority of their friends and family will be coming in from out of town. One thing you do not want is to feel responsible for them while there are here. Let’s face it – as much as you want to be a tour guide for them, you will have a lot to do that weekend. After all, you ARE getting married. It’s kind of a big deal.

I love the idea of greeting all your out of town guests with a little treat to make them feel comfortable and give them an idea of what Pittsburgh is all about. Basket of Pittsburgh is an awesome company that can create a ton of different baskets with different themes for any occasion. I love this one in particular.

Called the Steel City Sampler, this one has a bit of everything Pittsburgh to really give them a true taste of Pittsburgh. Pair this with a letter from the two of you listing some of your favorite sights, restaurants (make sure all the Pittsburgh-y restaurants are on there!), a local map and the phone number for a taxi and they will be all set to fend for themselves while you are getting pampered and prepped!


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