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Real Wedding: Kristie & Turadg 6.16.12

Kristie and Turadg came to the Mansion wanting something a bit different for their wedding day. They didn’t want something soft and romantic. Instead they wanted a rockabilly themed wedding with lots of DIY projects and lots of color.

I honestly couldn’t think of a better match than these two. They met in line waiting for the iPhone and the rest is history. Their day was full of family, close friends and so much love. Kristie was an absolutely gorgeous bride and Turadg wasn’t looking too shabby himself. Bill Chisnell Productions really had some fun with the colors of this wedding. Just look at how cute the ceremony space turned out!

The cake wasn’t quite right, so Turadg had to fix it. It didn’t match the current state of facial hair, so he quickly fixed it so it would be accurate. This picture was primarily taken (with my iPhone) as proof that I didn’t ruin the cake if the topper tumbled, but he did a great job! I was surprised at how steady his hands were only about an hour before the ceremony began!

It turned out great!

And can I just say they were a ton of fun too? I mean, look at this bridal party! I’m thinking they were having a good time… Who wouldn’t be having a good time with teal Chuck Taylor’s on?

They participated in the traditional Persian “sugar ceremony” to celebrate Turadg’s heritage. The couple sits while a piece of silk or fabric is held over their heads. Then relatives and loved ones rub two hardened cones made of sugar over the fabric to “shower them in sweetness.” It was so sweet, quite literally!

Mr. & Mrs. Aleahmad!

Isn’t she just stunning?! I loved all of her accessories. She really thought everything through to the last little detail! The teal crinoline peeking out of the bottom of her gown was the perfect touch to give her the “something blue” she needed!

Just look at the adorable table settings the bride made for each and every table! She used chalkboard paint and fresh herbs and spices to give the tables the rustic charm she wanted. And I LOVE the lace overlays and table linens provided by Mosaic. The color scheme was fantastically brilliant!

Congratulation Kristie and Turadg! I am so excited to welcome you to the Mansion Family!

*Disclaimer: I was the photographer for these shots. I am NOT a photographer, so don’t just me by my photos. Just look past the blurriness to the happiness!*


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