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Real Wedding: Shannon & Jesse

You know how I said I get really attached to some brides. Shannon is one of them. We talked just about every week. We were wedding BFFs. It doesn’t hurt that her groom, Jesse, was pretty awesome too. Throw in their little girl, Sophia, and they are quite the little family. She is the CUTEST little thing you ever did see!

I realized after looking through the pictures that there were barely any set up photos. They are all of people. Probably because they have some pretty great people surrounding them. From their parents to their bridal party to their grandparents and other friends, this group really tore this place up! It was easy to look past all the little details to all the dancing and laughter.

You can click on the photos to get a larger view, but don’t judge my blurry photos. I am not a professional photographer!!

I truly wish Shannon and Jesse the best in their marriage. They already have the perfect little family. Now their perfect family has become part of ours.


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