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Friday Finds 2.1.13

I have mixed feelings about unity ceremonies. I like the meaning behind them. I just don’t see how practical it is after the fact. People rarely burn the candles after the wedding and years down the road you are likely to find it half melted in a box in the attic. Sand ceremonies are cute. But again, how many people will display that for the long haul? I’ve come across some unity ceremonies that I like before, but this one really stood out to me. A couple this past October had it and I knew it was something I needed to share with you.



I really like this one because not only is the sand incorporated, but you can also add in other items as keepsakes for the big day like the champagne cork from the first bottle you opened after the ceremony (as seen above) or even the ribbon from your bouquet! So many options!! I love it! I found this one online at Daisy Days.


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