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Friday Finds 4.12.13

Well I’ve been a busy little bee today! It seems like today flew by. People calling in to book their weddings and gearing up for the wedding next weekend had me almost forget today was actually Friday! But have no fear, I still have a good find for you.

I have a lot of brides ask if they should have their wedding makeup done professionally or if they should just do it themselves to ensure that they actually “look like themselves.” My advice is ALWAYS to have it done professionally. The key is to do a trial run before to make sure that you feel and look like yourself. You can always make changes to your look then and s/he will take notes to make the day of a bit easier on both of you. The other thing I always recommend is having your foundation airbrushed and go with a little more makeup than your every day look. After all, this is not just some ordinary average day, is it? Besides, the camera loves a little more makeup and we know you will be in front of one almost every second of your big day.

I came across these “20 Great Makeup Tips” on The Knot and figured this would be a good share for the day.

Here’s a shot of me getting my makeup done on my wedding day by Julie Markisotto of Pittsburgh Makeup. She is AMAZING!! Gosh, it seems like forever ago…

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Photo by Erica Hilliard Photography


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