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Tuesday Shoesday, Edition 82

Yesterday, I had the privilege of heading out to grab a quick bite to eat and to Walnut Street for a quick stop at Ten Toes. I had a pretty full day of appointments, but had a small gap between and wanted to get out and enjoy a bit of the weather. I have been meaning to stop at Ten Toes for awhile now and am so glad I finally did! This shop is absolutely adorable and they are extremely accommodating and helpful from the moment you walk in. There is something about good customer service.

Now, on to the good stuff… the shoes! They have an awesome selection. I saw numerous pairs that I wanted for my collection and it took everything I had to hold back and not grab a few pairs up. They focus on getting in shoes that places like Macy’s and Nordstrom do not carry and nothing is over $100. So not only are they great to work with, but they are reasonably priced too!! If you are looking for a more traditional shoe or a dyeable shoe for your big day, they have a ton of styles to choose from. I can guarantee you won’t regret stopping by and checking it out! Here are two pictures that I stole from theirĀ Facebook page. These are adorable, right??

Ten Toes 1


Ten Toes 2


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