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Bueller, Bueller…

That must have been what you felt like with me missing for so long. Well I am back and working on some really great things to share with you. Real weddings, Tuesday Shoesday, Friday Finds, Bridal Bootcamp… the list goes on!

So why have I neglected you? Well, there has been a lot going on around here. Our 2013 wedding season is over. I can’t even believe that myself. If you are getting married in 2014, look out because it will be here before you know it! Not only that, but I also happened to have a baby at the beginning of May. Jordan Joseph decided to come a month early and surprise us all. He was only 3lbs 2oz. Little but completely healthy. And because I am a mom now, I have to share pictures of the little guy! These first two were when he was just two months old and taken by Jen McKen.


And don’t worry, my pooches are getting along with him just fine.


 And this is him now at a whopping 15lbs 5 oz and 6 months old. I think the shirt days it all, but I might be biased.

2013-11-12 07.57.57

Stay tuned!


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