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The Three V’s

I hear the same lines all the time. You only get one wedding. It’s one day for the rest of your life. Your wedding day should be perfect. But how do you make that happen? How to you ensure that your wedding day will be perfect and one that your guests will talk about for years to come?

If you’ve never planned a wedding before, then you are probably feeling pretty lost. Most brides plan their big day for just around one year. There are a ton of things to think about whether you plan for 5 years or 2 months. It really boils down to the three V’s – vision, vendors and venue.


How do you picture your wedding day? You may or may not know what you want your wedding to look like before the planning process begins. Some brides wait to see what strikes them as they are planning. Others have planned this day for years. However, when I say vision, I don’t necessarily mean the pretty stuff. It is also very important to think about the kind of music will be played, the food that will be served, the wedding party’s apparel, and where everything will take place. Sure, Pinterest is a great tool in figuring out how you want the wedding to look, but it won’t help you when planning your music or food.


Photographers, DJs, wedding coordinators, florists, bakeries, videographers, and the list goes on. Now that you have the perfect wedding in mind, these are the people you should trust to make this happen. Key word here is TRUST. Weddings are expensive. You only have one day to get it right. Chances are you won’t have a re-do. If you hire someone who doesn’t quite fit into your vision or cannot give you what you want, then you are just setting your day up for failure. Most wedding vendors do this every single weekend. If you hire someone, trust them to do their job. You shouldn’t have to micromanage their every move. If you feel like you need to do that, then you’ve hired the wrong person.

And while I am on the topic, please, please, please remember that you get what you pay for. I understand that you may be trying to pinch pennies where possible, but if you skimp too much you will be very disappointed. It may be worth it to splurge on your photographer whose photos you swoon over. I’ve seen some really bad vendors. It is never surprising when I find out how much was paid for their services. It goes hand in hand. Generally speaking, cost is associated with not only value but level of service. Make sure you know what you are getting when booking your vendors.


You may be thinking that I am biased by mentioning venue, but the venue will play a huge role in your planning process. You will want to look at everything they have to offer. Does the overall look of the venue fit in with your vision? If you are hoping to have a rustic/vintage wedding, a venue with a contemporary vibe will keep you from achieving that. If you are picturing a more intimate feel, a huge ballroom isn’t going to make you feel very close to your guests. If you know you want hot pink as your color, a venue with bright red carpeting will clash. Check out a few venues. Pittsburgh brides are very lucky because there is a nice range of options. If what one place has to offer doesn’t fit into your vision, then choose a different place. After all, this is YOUR day. Your one and only wedding. The venue is going to house probably the largest and most expensive party you will ever throw. Make sure you have no regrets.

While there is much more that goes into planning a wedding. There are lots of final decisions to make, but if you start with this basic outline you will have a very good start to the planning process. After that, let your vendors guide you. Our goals and jobs are to make your day perfect. Let us do that for you!


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