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Friday Finds 5.18.12

May 18th, 2012

While perusing Pinterest, I found this adorable alternative card box. Seeing that so many brides are looking for cute and unique ways to add detail to their weddings, I figured this was a perfect thing to post. This would be super cute to keep in your house afterward as a place to keep your mail and bills as well! This one is from Bridal Musings and they even explain how to do a DIY version :)

Happy Friday!!


Ten wedding blogs every bride should follow

February 16th, 2012

As a self-proclaimed blog stalker, I spend a lot of time reading and following other blogs. It helps me stay up to date on the trends and also give me inspiration to pass along to my brides. Since I love these blogs so much, I figured I should share this knowledge. So here you go. Ten blogs every bride should follow!

1. Preston Bailey’s Bride Ideas

Each day Preston gives you new and unique ideas for your wedding day. Each tip is extremely helpful and can really get the creative juices flowing.

2. Offbeat Bride

This one kind of speaks for itself. Not the typical girly girl bride? Want a little something different to wow your guests? This is the blog to help you come up with some of those off-beat ideas.

3. Green Wedding Shoes

This one features real weddings, galleries and DIY ideas for brides looking for something new and trendy. Want a blog that doesn’t just focus on one particular area of weddings? This is it.

4. Snippet & Ink

Love this one for classic, elegant wedding ideas. There are a ton of adorable pieces in this and lots of photos to help you create the perfect whimsical day.

5. Once Wed

This is the perfect place to find some inspiration on floral and decor pieces as well as tips and ideas. Love the romantic feel to each and every post!

6. Style Unveiled

Are you a fashionista bride in need of your daily dose? This is the perfect blog for you. Each day, there is a new gown, bridesmaids dress and more. You’ll also find lots more inspiration.

7. 100 Layer Cake

So much inspiration, so little time. I absolutely adore this blog for the ideas and tips in each post. I just can’t get enough!

8. Pittsburgh Makeup

For one day in a lifetime, you should feel as absolutely gorgeous as possible. With that said, who doesn’t want some tips and ideas for makeup on your big day?

9. Jen McKen Photography

Yeah, she’s my best friend. But she just so happens to also be one of the best photographers in the area. I love her work and how “real” it is. You can really feel the happiness oozing from each couple. One of the best things I did before my wedding day was to look at a ton of wedding portraits to see how I wanted to pose that day. I ended up being very happy with how they turned out. So I suggest you do the same!

10. Nicki Ann’s Blog

Woo! You are already 1 for 10! I mean, did you really think I wouldn’t list my own blog on here? Since you are already reading, you know what I do. If you have suggestions on what you would like to read about, I am always open!

Happy stalking reading!



Circus, Circus!

January 9th, 2012

While we do mostly weddings here at the Mansion, we do hold the occasional birthday party or cocktail party. This event was awesome! Stephanie had so many amazing ideas for how she wanted her birthday party to look. She wanted a vintage circus theme and that is exactly what she got. I think the photos can speak for themselves. Sorry if there is a photo overload, but I just couldn’t choose between which details to show you! Oh and if some of them are blurry, you just keep your little mouths shut. I took most of them myself. I am a wedding planner, not a photographer.





Friday Finds 12.23.11

December 23rd, 2011

I found these super cute invites and thought they would be perfect for my photographer friends (hint, hint Jen!!). I came across these while Stumbling. If you aren’t familiar with Stumble Upon, you need to be. Or maybe you shouldn’t. Depends on how addicting you find it. Anywho…

I would just love to receive one of these adorable little invites in the mail. Two photographers from Ambient Studios in Toronto created these as their wedding invites. And I must say what a perfect way to share your love with the world!



Best of Nicki Ann: 2011

December 12th, 2011

This post comes from Friday Finds 3.11.11. I just love this idea!

Many of you know that I love DIY weddings. So of course I subscribe to the idea of the day from Martha Stewart Weddings. Sometimes I see them and say, “Eh” and delete them automatically. But this one was different. The subject was “A New ‘Something Blue.'” I am always looking for new and creative ideas for the something blue. I immediately fell in love with this idea.

Rather than having blue shoes (one of my favorite ideas!) or a blue garter, you can have your new initials and wedding date embroidered on the inside of your gown to add even more personalization. The part that really made me swoon was the thought of wearing your mother’s or grandmother’s gown with her initials right beside yours.


Friday Finds 12.9.11

December 9th, 2011

As I was flipping through The Knot magazine, I came across some fun ideas for weddings. One of which was I Love Flipbooks. You know me and practical favors. I just love them! Combine that with a photo booth of sorts and I am in love. Click on the photo below to check out a video to get more info. It might just be what you want to add to your wedding to make it special!





Friday Finds 12.2.11

December 2nd, 2011

I had a chance to visit with a friend a few weekends ago. She has a now almost four month old baby. So while Joey and I were waiting for her and her hubby to finish their parenting duties (changing diapers, I wasn’t about to be a part of that duty), I picked up a catalog she had gotten in the mail that day. Let me just tell you that I was pretty glad I did.

Uncommon Goods has some really cute stuff! As I flipped through the catalog, I found the anniversary journal and knew it was something I had to share with you. I even made Joey text me the name of the shop and the name of the item so I could remember it later because I didn’t *gasp* have my phone on me.

I think this is the cutest little book and a great gift for the first year anniversary since that one is supposed to be the gift of paper.



Friday Finds 11.25.11

November 25th, 2011

Well, how many of you went out this morning into the crazy world of shopping? I did NOT. I rather like sitting behind my computer purchasing things for the same great discount. I only enjoy watching the news on Black Friday so that I can see the ridiculousness that is happening across the country. I mean, really. Is it really worth pushing some lady around just to get that sandwich maker for cousin Larry?

So for those of you who stayed in, like me (well, technically, I am at work!), and are doing your shopping online, I have the perfect site for you to check out. Dress Rush is an awesome site for brides looking for dresses, accessories, place cards, etc. All of which are listed at a reduced rate for a certain period of time. Think Groupon, but for brides. They even have some FREE deals. Who doesn’t love free?!?!

Oh and a little added bonus, yours truly is going to be helping them to write some of their info pages. So be sure to check them out once they are up and published!




Inspiration: Emerald City… the rustic version

November 21st, 2011

One of the reasons why I love fall is that I get to wear boots. That and that jewel tones are HUGE. One of the colors I like best is emerald. It’s my birthstone. So when I was creating this inspiration board for one of our brides, I just fell in love with the idea of an emerald green fall wedding. It is DIFFERENT than your typical orange fall weddings. After all, just because you love fall and want a fall wedding, doesn’t mean you are pigeon-holed into using brown and orange as your colors. This inspiration board also brings in a hint of rustic, vintage flair for those brides who love the outdoors as well. This is also perfect for this time of year because it is that weird stage between fall and winter (yes, I know it is technically not winter until December).

Credits (clockwise from top): 1. Mantel Decor, Web Guru   2. Centerpiece, The Knot   3. Wishing Tree, Wedding Wire   4. Cake, Rebecca Thuss   5. Caramel Apples, CA Event Planning   6. Moss Letters, Sweet Chic Events   7. Burlap Bags, Wedding Bee   8. Bridesmaids gown, Alfred Sung   9. Escort Cards, Wedding Bee   10. Table Numbers, Wedding Bee




Friday Finds 11.11.11

November 11th, 2011

And it’s 11.11.11!! I wonder how many brides are getting married today?!?!

I found this adorable guest book for those of you looking for alternative options. The old traditional “sign your name on the line below the previous person” guest book is just not what most brides want anymore. Sooo… How cute is this option? This can be found on the Etsy site for Bella Puzzles Too. Definitely a great way to display your guests well-wishes in your home after the wedding!