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Friday Finds 5.11.12

May 11th, 2012

As I was browsing Etsy (don’t you just love the new layout of the site?!?!), I found these favors that I LOVE. They are so similar to my own mini bamboo plants that I gave out, but with a twist. Succulents are super popular right now and why wouldn’t they be? They require little to no work to take care of and every time your guests look at them, they will think of you and your future hubby. 

These ones are potted in coconut pots and are available from So Succulent on Etsy. The best part is that each and every one can be slightly different, which gives  it a bit of depth. I love practical favors! This one certainly fits the bill!


Friday Finds 5.4.12

May 4th, 2012

This clutch was posted about 3 weeks ago on Preston Bailey’s Bride Ideas blog, but I loved it so much I knew I had to share it with you. This Kate Ketzel crystal bridal clutch is A-MA-ZING. I am in love with it and not just because of the sparkle. The price is pretty appealing too at only $124.95!!



Lazy mornings spark inspiration…

April 25th, 2012

This morning, I decided to be a bit lazy. Rather than getting up and getting my workout in before work, I decided to watch a movie. What movie? Well, I’m flattered you cared enough to ask. My wonderful hubby recently bought An Affair to Remember for me. Since that is not really his type of movie, I figured I would pop it in and relax a bit. Let me tell you, I was hit immediately with inspiration.

So what sparked the inspiration? The fashion, of course. When I saw Deborah Kerr in the orange and beige gown at the beginning of the movie, I knew it would make a gorgeous wedding gown.

I instantly fell in love. This was just the first of many dresses to win me over. The movie is full of them! But when I saw this one in particular, it reminded me of the Maggie Sottero Collection I recently browsed through. To be honest, I try not to look at bridal gowns for the simple fact that I yearn for another one every single time. I decided that for you, I would suffer and peek through them again to grab a few to share.

I love the grecian feel of these gowns and think they mirror Deborah Kerr’s gown in An Affair to Remember, yet bring a modern twist to the table. And yes, now I wish I could go try on gowns again…





Newbie at the Mansion…

April 25th, 2012

Well, ladies and gents, today I get to introduce our new intern, Jennifer. She wanted to write a little something to help you get to know her a tiny bit. If you really want to meet her, you’ll have to schedule an appointment to come in and check us out :)

Here’s what she had to say:

“As many of you have heard or read a little I am the new intern at the Mansion at Maple Heights. I am working with Nicole Pope doing event planning. Just to share a little about me- my name is Jennifer Eisenbeis, I was born in Pittsburgh, PA and am 22 years old. I am a child of three with a older brother and older sister. I just finished classes at Pittsburgh Technical Institute in hospitality. Time flies when you’re in college! When you’re following something that you know makes you happy and you enjoy it at all times, you know it’s what your meant to do. I found that calling in high school when I started creating beading classes to create jewelry for a woman’s shelter. The creativity, organization, planning, communicating with others, and helping people with special things is something I have always enjoyed and, that’s what lead me to the path I am in now. To help people put together special events of any sort is something amazing that I love to do and help them with. Being able to be an Intern at the Mansion is something that is amazing to me as well as the services offered by the Mansion “WOW” me. It is an amazing place and I know I am going to learn so much about event planning with hands on experience from Nicole.”

Jennifer is planning on writing a few posts for the blog as well. Since she is completely new to the business, it will be a nice change to get a fresh perspective. So be sure to give Jennifer a big Mansion welcome when you see her :)


Help me, help you…

April 23rd, 2012

As you know from reading, I write my posts from a fairly relaxed and sometimes grammatically incorrect standpoint. I try my best to incorporate what you, the bride/reader, might want to read including tips, suggestions, shoes (!), etiquette, etc. When I am writing, I think about what things I wanted to know and read about while I was planning my own wedding. But despite my attempts, I sometimes can’t come up with new topics and the last thing I want to do is bore you.

So now I really want to hear from you! What questions do you have? What color schemes are you using? What tips do you think would be useful? If you tell me what you need help with, I will answer! Talk to me!!!!



Inspiration: Kelly Green and White

April 9th, 2012

I love the fresh and clean look of Kelly Green and White. So when one of our brides asked for some help and told me these were the colors she wanted, I was more than excited. To me, I think simplistic. elegance is the way to go. This scheme is so beautiful because it is very natural. As I hunted for photos for the board, I found that it was difficult to find ones that did not pertain to Irish weddings or St. Patrick’s day weddings. I refused to give up.

I knew I was looking for something with a primary base of white and clean, crisp accents of green. I think I found a nice blend in these photos. The floral is one of my favorite parts about this scheme because it doesn’t seem “man-made.” Clear lines and elegant touches with these colors will make the perfect wedding day for any spring or summer wedding!


Sunday Funday Contest Wrap-up

April 8th, 2012

Don’t forget to enter every single contest on here! They are typically pretty easy to enter and you never know when you can win!

Banner Giveaway from Exquisite Weddings & Posh Paperie

 $5000 and a BCBG Wedding Gown from Ruffled and BCBG

$50 Gift Certificate for the new Ruche Bridal Collection from Junebug Weddings 

$1000 from ArtCarved and The Knot toward a Dream Engagement Ring

$5000 Crate and Barrel Shop Card


Friday Finds 4.6.12

April 6th, 2012

I have really been aching for a tropical vacation this week. I just really want to be in a warm and sunny place. I can’t help but wish that I lived in a climate that was a tad warmer all year around. But in my ventures online, I found a great bridal shower/bachelorette party gift for the bride. While, yes, those hoodies, tank tops and bikinis with “Soon-to-be Mrs. X,” “Bride,” or “Just Married” on them are super cute. Think about it. She will never wear that again after her wedding day and honeymoon. I too purchased a cute little zip up hoodie with “Sexy Little Bride” on the back thinking how cute it would be to wear while getting ready for my big day. That was the one and only time I wore it. Hindsight…

So now that I have gone through it and know that spending that $40 really wasn’t worth it, I realize there is a much better way to celebrate and flaunt your new name. Monograms. Simple enough right? You can literally find just about anything that can have a monogram stitched, engraved, or carved on it. I found these on The Knot Wedding Shop and thought about how much I would have loved to have this on my honeymoon.

These beach towels are something that she will use for the rest of its life! This is the perfect way to flaunt your new initials and soak up the excitement of being a newlywed. Trust me, she will love it.


Contest Wrap-up!

April 2nd, 2012

I have come across so many giveaways and coupon codes in my blog stalking. I can think of no better way to give back to you, my little weddingistas, than to send out a short summary of what I have found. I want to enter each and every contest myself, but since I am not getting married again I think you should reap the benefits of my hard work. Each week, I’ll compose a list of the contests and coupon codes and post here for your entering pleasure. I was once told to enter any and every contest I could while planning my wedding. You never know when you might win!! So here are a few for this week. Enjoy!

$500 towards an engagement ring or wedding bands at the Orr”s Jewelers Bridal Trunk Show and Sale

$200 worth of Paper Lanterns and parasols from JadeTime via WeddingBee

Catbird 14k Gold ring trio



Inspiration: Rockabilly Love

April 2nd, 2012

I think one of the best parts about my job is that I get to meet so many different women. Each has a unique vision for her big day. I love that we are not a cookie cutter venue and that we NEVER get cookie cutter brides. That would get boring.

Earlier this week, I was chatting with a bride who is getting married this summer. When she told me about her Rockabilly theme, I was pretty pumped. Yet another creative bride!! I think it is so suiting of her personality and will make her day totally about her and her groom. That really is the key to creating a vision for your wedding day after all! And this is a fun theme, so I am sure they will have a blast celebrating!! Since it was so creative, I thought I would create an inspiration board to share with you. Happy Monday!